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Oasis Suggestions

Include that when you get banned or so, it would say that youโ€™ve been restricted for violating the Rules, but at least allow you to go to the Admin Notifications Page to see what your last violation is before the Admin Notification to how long youโ€™re banned for?

I mean, that would really help, at least on my side for right now, as back on Miiverse with the banning, I had to go on my 3DS/2DS Systems or my Wii U System in order to check & see what my last violation was, whenever I get banned from Miiverse for 2 weeks or permanently.

Also, would it be a possibility for them to add this part in, where you can send a Message to the Admins inside the Admin Notifications, just like back on Miiverse, but instead of those 3 Basic Messages, typing in your own Message to the Admins to whatโ€™s going on with why your Post/Comment was deleted by them?

That part would most likely not be added on here, as you can just apparently talk to the Verified Users on here though, especially to who has the ability to delete Posts/Comments, just like an Admin, especially if some Verified Users ARE Admin or so.

Well, what could help a little, as I donโ€™t even know if this would be likely though, but what might help is when getting an Admin Notification for a Post/Comment of yours that got deleted by them, it would show the Verified User inside the Admin Notifications to who deleted your Post/Comment for why.

I donโ€™t know if that would help a little though, especially since the other Users of Oasis here, but if something like that was to be added on here, I would say that it would at least be a shot to see what itโ€™s like with a Feature like that on here to whether it would be kept on here or not.