Oasis' Rules

Like any other site, there are rules to keep the site usable and enjoyable. So,

NSFW, NSFL, and Illegal Content

NSFW is not allowed anywhere currently. Sorry, but my image hosting service has shut us down before. NSFL (Gore, Shock images) are still not allowed. Illegal Content (obviously) not allowed. Nobody has any problem reporting you to authorities.


Please do not spam. This includes posting, messaging, or yeahing posts a lot. Large amounts of data from these repeated actions take up space on the server as that’s not good.

Hate speech

If a user feels that they are fully being attacked by a certian user, this user will be warned. If they do it again, they're banned for 2 days. However, sometimes a user isn't actually attacking a user, they could be joking around, so carefully decide whether it's harassment or a joke

Hacking, Joke/Public Accounts, and Raids

Attempting to take blind stabs at the code will get you banned. Additionally, impersonating someone, publicly posting your password, or raiding will get you banned. Do not.

Callout Posts

Please don't make callout posts/controversial posts, unless they're in the activity feed.


If you’re banned, there will usually be a set timeframe. Most bans last less than a day unless it’s really bad or a raid. If you wanna be unbanned, however, message an admin offsite and we’ll see what we can do.

Many of the users here have previously used a site where bans were given out mercilessly, so you’ll probably end up being forgiven at some point.


The administration for this website is voted on by the users. You won’t get it simply by asking for it or by trying to bribe for it. If you do nothing but ask for a role, you’ll likely end up getting banned for a bit. Admins that intentionally and repeatadly abuse their powers will be demoted. You are not above the rules, and your powers aren't a toy..


Users under 13 can join, but they can’t run for any mod/admin/staff position. Additionally, you’ll be told to stop if you act immaturely. We’re ok with you being under 13, but act like you’re 13, please.

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact a mod or admin.

Chances are that if you aren't unpleasant, not all of these rules will be strictly enforced.