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What would really help on here with the Blocking Feature is to update it to what Cedar had with the Blocking Feature on there, which is that whenever you block someone/someone blocks you, the Profiles between you & the Blocked Users are completely hidden & what would really help with that is to what Indigo ended up as, when Signups were disabled because of Sosig, which is that in order to view anything, signing in is required.

I mean, that would really help for Oasis here & maybe for Closedverse as well, if the Profiles were to be completely hidden at block & especially that in order to view anything, signing up/signing in is required.

Like as 1 of my Former Friends said this back on Indigo, after the Signups were disabled due to Sosig, it was doing everyone a HUGE overlooked favor to have signing up/signing in being required in order to view anything on that Specific Miiverse Clone, especially as theyโ€™re wanting it to apply on Closedverse & Oasis here as well with something like that.


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