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08/07/2018 12:13 AM ·Spoilers

Ok, this is ABSOLUTE fucking bullshit. I went to see Cars in the theater yesterday, and when Lightning McQueen got HOT with Sally in Radiator Springs, my boner engaged. When Lightning McQueen said "Ka-Chow!", I couldn't help it!!! I closed my eyes, and I TORE my dick to shreds, using whip like motions and pulled with great force. That was one of the best nuts I ever had, just thinking about it now gets me riled up. Thing is, I nutted all over the kid sitting right next to me, and his mom got all pissed at me, screaming at me for jacking off on her son. I told that bitch to shut the fuck up, and that jacking off is a natural, artistic, and beautiful process. You should BE HAPPY that my semen is all over your son, maybe he can learn a lesson or two about the culture and art of jacking off. HOWEVER, the movie theater managers didn't agree with me. They KICKED ME OUT of the movie theater, and I didn't even finish watching the Cars movie. Not only THAT, but they made me clean up my semen after it already dried out and solidified on the seats. THATS TORTURE!! Do you know how hard it is to clean semen after its dried out? You CLEAN semen after its FRESH out of your cock, not an hour after you fucking nutted. This is a fucking OUTRAGE. Do you really expect me to not whip out my cock and jack off when i see a HOT sex scene in a movie? Either don't ban sex scenes in movies, or LET ME jack off in your theater, assholes.


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  • DUDE!
    I wished somebody in the world was like this, like, the other day I went to Japan and there was this Tamagotchi movie. In one moment a band of gangsters start raping Melodytchi and for one momemt I felt like them. i pulled my pants of an starting punching my cock like the TV when I lose my Fortnite. It got so red I cummed a fucking load of cum and it fell over a guy in a hatsune miku suit. Happily he got distracted while seeing the yaoi ritual but then a guy threw his pocorn on me and they fell down my pants. Their sensation remembered me of Korea and Tiger Lily Cookie's thicc ass s9 that made me nut so hsrd that all got covered in white. I could return to Uganda with my belly bros before it was late tho.
    And not this is not a copypasta I wrote this all myself
  • This is some good copypasta material.

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