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08/30/2018 07:41 PM ·Spoilers

The original trilogy was good the prequels were okay and the sequels suck


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  • Remember when everyone said the prequels sucked
  • tom

    09/03/2018 12:48 PM · Spoilers

    here are my thought on each movie:
    Holiday special: OH GOSH GET IT AWAY GET IT AWAY!!!
    Phantom Menace: Nothing special but good
    Attack of the clones: 30% Good the rest is filler
    Revenge of the Sith: My favourite prequel.
    Solo: Cool and interesting
    A New Hope: Timeless classic
    Empire strikes back: Phenomenal
    Return of the Jedi: my favourite of the originals
    The Force Awakens: i kinda hold this film in a special place in my heart cause it was what got me into star wars anyway pushing that aside Great film for the first star wars film in 10 years.
    The Last Jedi: I like it fite me.
  • The sequels could have been masterpieces, right.

    But Ruin roundhead Johnson and Cray Cray KK decided it'd be best to put the feminist agenda before the story, now nobody is going to see plan 9 from outerspace.

    That was a good 4 billion dollars spent wasn't it Iger?

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