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09/11/2018 01:14 AM ·Spoilers

ok so i made this kaizo level and im trying to beat it... and if u want to beat it after i upload it then here is the guide...
so you start and u are forced to eat a fireflower
all you have to do is avoid the capes witch is eazy enough... but
there are invisible blocks hidden alot so be careful
then you see this spring... you have to throw it and spinjump and jump off
the edge to the Spiny...then u have to do a precise jump and
avoid the invisible blocks and then jump on this playform at full momentum...
then you have your yoshi... so what you do is... throw the extra spring off the edge and be lucky to have it hit the spike insted of fall in lava... then u make the yoshi eat the other spring... jump on the spring with the spikes and spit the spring on these other springs but dont mess up the timing so it wont fall in lava... then make the highest possible jump and then land on the platform and then jump up to this area with 2 more springs... (this is the hard part) throw one into the far right and then grab the yoshi... hit the block with the cape and have yoshi eat it and move the left spring about 0.8 blocks to the right and make yoshi duck and have yoshi move about 3 or 4 pixles into the spring (this should glitch the cape into acting like a mushroom)... remove the spring and throw it around 1.2 to 1.6 blocks to the left of the spring in the far right (the cape should be trapped moving around in a confined area)... then ditch the yoshi below the arrow sign and move right to avoid the invisible blocks... grab the P switch and move pass the point of no return... where the cape is... DONT TOUCH THE CAPE STILL (if u decide to find a way to bring yoshi with and try to find a loophole you wont be able to and you cant to the spring midair on yoshi because of the way yoshi lets go of things so that wont help and ditching it with the cape in its mouth wont help, and if the cape is out tho it will be harder to bring yoshi so dont put yoshi there...) throw the left spring on the lower cloud then grab both springs and throw them striaght up as high as possible so it goes to the top... [the rest in the comments]


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  • Avoid the cape in another confined area... and then place the switch and grab a spring and jump on the P switch and run wile dodging the feather... and place the spring in a small 2x2 plat form... and wait til the cape is trapped in a 1 block hole... then run back to where u were with the spring u diddnt grab and bring that and throw both springs in the hole underneath the block the cape is trapped in... then jump down... place a spring... do a spring midair and go left so u dont hit another invisible block...then hit the block where the cape is underneath and the cape should be moving again... make a blind jump down... and land on blue moving platform when the cape is on the very left... then jump on the other blue one when the cape ALMOST touches you but dosent... then keep jumping to avoid the cape... then get in the clowncar and if u have ur fireflower spit fire with the fire clowncar... (if you dont have it only 1 fireball is made and it wont reach the pow block and you fail) when u get the pow block... grab the cape then do a koopa shell jump and enter the pipe... then simple cape parkour i dont have to explain then do the trick to not lose ur cape and take damage and do that 2 times and then grab the yoshi and ditch it with the cape cuz u cant fly with the small platmform.... then fly up on the convatorbelt and do the trick to not take damage then fly again but dodge the fireflowers and get in the pipe and finnish
  • all of that is about 2 or so minutes

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