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09/17/2018 11:14 PM ·Spoilers

Okay, so I checked out a decent amount of Seal the Deal (excluding the "Seal" part. I'll get to that), so let me talk a bit about that.
(( I'll focus on the Update from the 14th this month. It could be that some troubles were already addressed/taken care of, but man. Those shouldn't even be problems in the first place. ))

First off, I'd like to mention that my Hat in Time copy is not legally acquired.
There are multiple reasons for that.
One: Online payment. My parents do not trust in those. So even though I have a Steam account for literally no reason, that's out of the picture.
As for console releases, there are two things. I don't own ANY of the consoles this game is/will be (Switch) on. And the DLC has yet to be released for any of those, I believe. So... No.

Someday, I swear... When I own my own house and have a job, the first thing I'm gonna do is buy this damn game...

Anyway, since this was a completely new installation, my 100% savedata from finishing the game the first time was entirely gone... Joy. Piracy is a damn pain sometimes. So I started up two separate saves. One for myself replaying the entire game and trying to recollect everything to then move on to Death Wish and The Arctic Cruise, which I managed to do in about three days I think. Can't say that for other games. Dedication on my end... The other one for me -and my sister- experiencing the entire game as a duo. Yes, I checked out the Co-op with her, and what can I say... It's so much fun. Even she's enjoying it (and trust me when I say that she rarely enjoys games *I* love).

That's also the reason why there's two saves and why I didn't check out that DLC chapter yet. We wanna check it out together, but trying to get there with her could take... quite a while.
However, I took a small step into that part, not going on-board yet! , and looked around a bit. I gotta say, it already looks fantastic and-HOLY PECK, THE CONDUCTER HAS BABIES OH WOW. Also, he told me he's sorry about that whole knife ordeal, probably because he won the award in Chapter 2 and I had to fight him instead of DJ Grooves.

So that's all I know and have been doing the last couple of days.


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  • Now, Death Wish...

    This mode was not designed with the average player in mind. I believe some missions require you to be a literal GOD at video games. 111 missions to beat, I've only beaten 35, some of which required "Peace and Tranquility" (I'll shorten it to P&T), the Easy Mode of this... mode.
    Death Wish is an absolute pain, it is made to make you go mad, punch your desk and trying to get a scream from the top of your lungs. There's only one single mission which I could complete on normal difficulty and getting all bonuses. Only P&T makes this a somewhat enjoyable experience without rage. And somehow... it's weirdly addicting...

    But, see, there's a problem. When choosing a mission to do, P&T isn't automatically available for your choosing. So what to do?
    You gotta die. About 4 times, I THINK. Only then will you get the option to trade in 10 pons for that specific mission to be easier. You can always get a refund... if you feel like it. I never did that. Anyway, why isn't this option available from the start? I know you should always try out a mission legitimately first before making your life easier, but c'mon.

    I've encountered several problems while playing several missions. Not their difficulty. I mean glitches. The one mission that requires you to climb the windmill while it's at full speed had me randomly clip into a spot and get me teleported backwards for some reason.

    Now if you would look at the pic I attached. There's my current progress I made. See the one I marked in red? "10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct"... Absolute nightmare. You have to get from one end of the train from Chapter 2 to the other in TEN SECONDS. Of course, clocks giving you additional time are scattered around. However, I got stuck at one part and seriously don't know how to proceed as time always runs out on me. I somehow managed to clip through the tracks on the ground outside, right through the level. Can you guess what happened? I got teleported ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING. With all clocks already collected on the way (because you have to), this attempt was a lost cause.
  • And I need to say this: You get 3 attempts at this mission.
    If you fail: Game Over. Cooldown - You gotta wait for a few minutes until you can try again. And for some reason, P&T DID NOT APPEAR, NO MATTER HOW OFTEN I DIED. I died 21 times in one sitting and P&T simply wouldn't appear for this mission! I'M STUCK.

    It's unbelievable, and it doesn't help that some of those missions are A: busy work (which I personally do not mind) and B: can take multiple minutes to beat. If not more.

    At least the rewards you get are pretty cool. Outfits, dyes, camera filters... I love the "Virtual Kid" outfit, and it actually makes me wonder: Are those models actually 64-bit? They're clearly inspired from the N64/PSX-kinda era, so maybe they are...? I dunno.

    So, to summarize:
    Despite my frustrations with Death Wish and all, the Seal the Deal DLC has been great so far. Lots of cool new visual additions in the form of costumes, dyes etc., hardcore players will probably have a blast with Death Wish, the local multiplayer is so much fun, the new Time Rifts... And The Arctic Cruise... Well, I'll get to that one someday.

    ALSO, here's a thing: If you press both taunt buttons on your controller/keyboard in a certain way, you can do the dance you see in this GIF.
    I believe I pressed Up, Down, Up, Down or Down, Up, Down, Up on the D-Pad...

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