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10/20/2018 07:55 PM ·Spoilers

If you click the "Show More" button under the communities on the front page, it gives you this error.


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  • one of the communities are broken

    but since we can't use the show more button
    we can't figure out which one it is
    therefore we can't fix it and it's stuck like that till we figure out which one it is
  • Holy flip, Ethan, you're a genius! I just went to the database to confirm your theory, and it turns out it was the Assassin's Creed community causing this. Unfortunately, trying to edit it in the database leads to errors too, so I'll just ask Pip if he can do something about it, and otherwise, I guess sacrifices have to be made.
  • it happened again. you can't search. It might (or may not be) the same problem
  • ^Nothing has changed. The community is actually so broken, we can't even delete it.

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