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If Oasis here was to have this with the Blocking Feature, what if that when you block someone or someone blocks you, any of the Epics of if that User Epiked your Posts/Comments and/or if you Epiked that User’s Posts/Comments automatically Unepics (resets) all of them between me & that User & fades the Epic Button to where nothing can be Epiked until that User unblocks me or I unblock that User to where all that Epiking between me & that User automatically starts over from the beginning. 🤔


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  • Now that's a long sentence. The Germans would be proud. To answer your question, I think it'd be hard to implement. You see, epics are linked to two things: the user giving it and the post or comment they're giving it to. This means that the site doesn't know which user is the receiver of the epic, which makes it a difficult task for the program to purge all epics given to a certain user. Aside from this technical restriction, I don't think a feature like this would be necessary. Most people don't mind having epiced a post or two of a user they blocked, and if you do mind, you can always unepic the posts manually.

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