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What would be cool if 1 day, with the Websites to where you can view the 3D Models in 3D View, like the Pokémon Models, Mario Models, etc., at the same time to where the uploader adds the Texture & stuff on the Models, then posting them to the Websites for viewing, there’d be an Option in there for everybody to like animate them or so without having to use Blender, etc. every single time to add everything on there all at once in the super hard way, then even if it requires an Account to save them into Folders, etc. on PCs & Mobile Devices, after animating them on the Websites, they can be saved in Pictures, like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc., while if Accounts are required for saving, anybody, who doesn’t have any Accounts, can at least screenshoot them, when they’re done & saving them that way by Screenshot.

That would help everybody in the whole World, who likes Pokémon, Mario, etc..

What do you guys think?

Would it be cool for the Websites to have that Option on 3D Models 1 day, when viewing the 3D Models on the Websites?

It’d also be nice for something like that on 2D Models as well, but most likely the 3D Models would for something like this to what would be cool on 1 day.


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