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06/22/2018 09:05 PM ·Spoilers

This person FriendlyUser is being very homophobic and is trashposted a couple times in the serious discussion community

please pip give him a warning


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  • No I’m not lol
  • Looking through my posts I have not trashposted once in the SDC and the Homophobia is just conflicting opinions that upset you.
  • ^ they were probably deleted for that reason
    and no you're just homophobic so you can't really give an excuse
  • Only one or two of my posts have been deleted now for shitpoating bit for inciting drama and I have my own opinions of and against gay people which may be homophobic to a certain degree but by my own right I can express them in a world so intent on letting everyone’s views be heard.
  • read this
  • "being a rude person overall will get you a punishment"
  • However most likely of my posts have been formal and well informed, it’s just a different opinion.
  • it is lol
  • I disagree with the homophobic part, he does have the write to free speech, the trashpost part I agree with though
  • As a homosexal, homophobic posts don't break oasis rules unless it's to attack another person

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