Why: Adverb, conjunction.

Why did you make this?

Closedverse kinda sucks sometimes. Besides, why not?

Why should I join?

Well, we have..

  • No post limit, duh
  • No over-protective rules made to conform to 10 year olds, duh. And said 10 year olds aren't staff, duh.
  • Elected Administartion, duh!
  • Friend requests and messaging! Activity Feed posting!
  • Post editing! You can draw on PC!!!!!!!!!!
  • Open-source! Make yourself a pizza pasta.
  • Miiverse users. You know, the ones you know and love.
  • This works. Usually. You can come here when Closedverse is down.

This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Okay, so

  • At the moment, there isn't a block/report function 
  • Admin Elections hasn't started yet, because there's not a lot of users here that are active enough :(
  • Sometimes, it's slow. Other times, it's fast. It varies.
  • The owner has school.
  • Is this even legal?


  • Since we have so many Miiverse users here, and we have completely free sharing of online accounts, you can search for one of your favorite users and hopefully they have something on their profile!!!!!!
  • If you make your nickname <= 2 characters long and your username short and never Yeah or comment or post anything and tell your friends to do the same, you can have a completely private account!!!
  • This is developing. Even though nobody has made a pull request, anyone could commit to this if they really wanted to. ANYONE.
  • Even if this fails, you know the code is public. Who knows what someone might do with it? What will YOU do with it? Don't give me the "I don't know progamming!!!!!" answer, you can learn Python 3 easily. Trust me, I know.
  • I'm committed. Don't think I'll not do anything about a problem, I'm always here. (unless I'm on vacation or something)

Can I use this on 3DS?!?!?!?

I don't know. If you're talking about having it natively, no. The reason for this and everything else, why we don't have games support, is simple: this is only meant to replicate the Miiverse side of Miiverse. I mean that I have no intention at the moment to bring back any game compatibility, or porting this to the native 3DS/Wii U applications. I could do it with time, but I just do not feel like it.

What's the point? Why and how has humanity lead to this?

Again, I myself am not really pushing this for anything. Again, this was made for fun, and the Miiverse community + users. Closedverse sometimes is frustrating. Forums meant to replicate Miiverse are usually pretty terrible and not in the same format, and other social networks either have their kinks (Twitter, GAB, whatever else).

Lol no.

If you don't want to join, sure! Nobody is pushing you to anything. If you wish to learn anything about how to make a basic forum-type application in Django, you could glance at my source and learn from it, or you could start learning Python's syntax in general.
As I've said again, you can just have this as a gateway, as you can put any profile you want here.

Who even are you?

Probably the owner. Not the creator. I don't know, this is hardcoded into the thing.

Why are you so happy?

Because The Internet.

Can I translate this into my language?

No. (t yet)